Linda Grasso is a veteran journalist who has worked in every medium. She is currently Editor-in-Chief of Ventura Blvd magazine, which she helped launch at the the Golden State Company in 2011.  Available both in print and digitally, the high-end publication covers lifestyle in the San Fernando Valley—from Toluca Lake in the east, all the way west to Calabasas. 

In September 2017, Linda kicked off the SheSez podcast, in which she interviews the world’s most fascinating women—all of whom have made bold, innovative moves in life. With a master-class tone, Linda candidly converses with guests, offering key strategies, radical inspiration—and everything in between—for listeners. The podcast is aimed at helping women of all ages find a new path, passion or purpose. New episodes launch every Tuesday on Apple Podcasts.

Linda was a longtime correspondent, anchor and host for E! Entertainment TV. She has also appeared as a correspondent and co-anchor on Extra, an anchor on AMC’s Shoot Out with Peter Bart & Peter Guber and as a guest on Larry King Live. Previously, she worked as a reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles and WNBC in New York.

Linda lives in Encino with her husband, Charlie Koones and two spoiled, Havanese dogs. Her two sons are attending college.

KIDDOCJJ:  What did you EAT last that is memorable, why (and where)?

LINDA:  My husband and I were recently vacationing in Queenstown, New Zealand and we treated ourselves to a meal at Amisfield Bistro & Cellar Door. It is essentially an eatery on the grounds of a fabulous winery. We sat at a table overlooking the vineyard and had a completely decadent, leisurely farm-to-table meal. I am typically not a fan of small plates, fixed priced meals but this one was just so beautiful – so colorful and inventive. I’m a cooking enthusiast and an organic vegetable gardener and I saw things I’d never seen – like dried parsley used as a dust on veggies to give them a vibrant celadon hue and fish cooked wrapped in sea kelp. It was like going to the theatre to see a great play – you just had no idea what was coming in the next act!

KIDDOCJJ:  What have you LEARNED that sticks with you daily?

LINDA:  I’ve learned to listen to my inner voice. Over the years, I’ve learned to embrace my authenticity and really own who I am–instead of trying to be like someone else or living up to someone else’s expectations of who I should be. Listening to my inner voice helps me do that. From choosing to marry my husband (of 25 years!) to launching a career as a journalist and, most recently, as a podcaster with SheSez, the best things in life for me have been a result of listening to my inner voice.

KIDDOCJJ:  Where or what would you like to EXPLORE in your life, and why?

LINDA:  I’d love to be more connected with my purpose. I’m not really religious; I’m more spiritual. I want to explore mindfulness so I can make the most of my time on earth and do what I am supposed to be doing. That takes time and slowing down – but also thought and intent.

KIDDOCJJ:  Who or What INSPIREs you, and why?

LINDA:  I’m really inspired by people who break outside the mold, dare to be different and then pick a lane and head down it in a fast-and-furious kind of way. So much of what we see —from entertainment to fashion—is copycat in nature. I’m inspired by people who branch out in a different way and create and innovate. I’m also inspired by acts of kindness. It is such an underrated virtue.

KIDDOCJJ:  Well, Linda, you are so kind to share with the KIDDOC audience, and I hope all of you tune into the SheSez podcasts to continue to be INSPIREd by all of Linda's great work!

LINDA GRASSO  in action in the SheSez Studio

LINDA GRASSO in action in the SheSez Studio