Kiss My Creamy GRITS!

KIDDOCJJ's Shrimp and Grits (with bacon!)

KIDDOCJJ's Shrimp and Grits (with bacon!)


The key to creamy grits lies in the quality of the cornmeal (I love Bob's Red Mill White Grits or Palmetto Farms Stone Ground Yellow Grits) and a little extra time taken to soak them over a 6-12 hour period (this was the secret weapon my Duke room mate's mom used in Greenville).  The loose and undigestible chaff will rise and can be discarded, and the corn grits become pre-hydrated, making for a more luscious result.  Keep in mind that one cup of dry grits will produce 3-4 cups of finished grits.  

Here's how to make 'em.



1 cup dry grits

4 cups cool water

2 cups milk, half and half or stock

2 TB unsweetened butter

Salt and Pepper to taste



1.  Soak the grits for 6-12 hours in cool water, stirring initially.

2.  Skim off any chaff or debris from the surface and strain the grits, reserving 2 cups of the soaking liquid.

3.  Add 2 cups of the soaking liquid along with milk, 1/2 & 1/2 or stock to a saucepan, and bring to a boil.  Whisk in the grits and turn the heat down to low.  Add a large pinch of salt.

4.  Simmer and whisk every few minutes, until the grits are creamy.  Adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper.  Right before serving whisk in the butter.

5.  Leftover grits can be spread onto a greased sheet pan and refrigerated.  Cut into squares and either grill, fry or broil them with cheese, herb butter or top with anything you desire for a fantastic leftover.  You can even pan fry them, and drizzle with maple syrup for a wonderful breakfast starter!